HANGING BASKETS ARE FAVORITES IN TEXAS GARDENING: Use sphagnum moss to make liners for wire and wrought iron hanging basket containers. At Accents of Salado, sphagnum is the only liner that we use. We've been lining hanging baskets with sphagnum for years.

Sphagnum Moss in a Bale

Soak moss in water

Pull out clumps of the wet moss

Firmly press the moss into the bottom and sides of the wire container
Form a mold
Place potting soil inside the mold
Trim the excess moss on the outside of the wire basket
Plant as you would any container
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How to Use Sphagnum Moss as a Liner
Decorative Wire and Wrought Iron Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket using sphagnum moss lined basket

You have located a decorative wrought iron hanging basket for your favorite combination of plants. You try the liners available and they just don't do the trick.

Have you tried making your own liners with sphagnum moss?

Used by gardening experts for decades, lining a wire or iron hanging basket with sphagnum moss will not only be attractive and present a natural appearance, but sphagnum soaks up water and you will not have to water your hanging baskets as often.

Five Easy Steps for Perfectly Lined Hanging Baskets

1.  Using a bale of sphagnum moss (available at better nurseries), pull the moss apart and soak in a large container filled with water. Soak about 30 minutes.

2.  Place your container up on a potting bench or chair, pull clumps of the moss from the water and press it inside the container. It works well to place your free hand on the outside of the basket and press the moss firmly between your two hands. Start at the bottom and go to the top of the basket making your mold 1-2 inches thick. Make a fist and push against the moss to compress it. When finished you will have a perfectly formed mold inside the basket.

3.  Fill the mold with potting soil.

4.  Before placing your plants, use scissors to cut the shaggy moss that is protruding through the wire openings on the outside of the hanging basket. Your basket will look neat and compact.

5.  Starting with your tallest plant in the middle, begin planting your selection as you would if you were planting any container. Pack them tight with soil and water well so that soil settles nicely around the root balls.

Planted basket using sphagnum moss liner

Voila!   Now it's time to relax and soak up the beauty of your creation!

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WATERING TIP FOR YOUR NEW HANGING BASKET: At Accents of Salado we use the large soak container that we used to wet the sphagnum moss. We fill it with water, add plant food and lower the sphagnum lined basket in to the tub. We give it a good soaking and it lasts much longer than watering with a hose.

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